About Us


GLOW Fitness Private Limited is a locally-owned fitness company founded in end February 2017 by founder Zann Lua. She has been in the fitness industry since 2000 and with her passion in her blood  make her setup this company to encourage and motivate others to keep active, healthy and strong. Hopefully the participants able to have the GLOW experience with us. And the word “GLOW” in long name is Grow Living On Wellness.

We offer a variety of popular classes such as Zumba Fitness, KpopX Fitness, UBOUND etc. We also have our in-house programs, such as GLOWBalance, GlowRevival and GlowVitality to cater the different needs of people.  Especially people that have suffer from osteoporosis, back injuries, frozen shoulder and knee problems. To help others attend our classes, we offer low prices, range of classes, professional & knowledgeable instructors. Our classes help the participants to reduce body fats and degeneration; prevent the loss of bone density and dementia; improve in hearts and muscles endurance etc. It is suitable for all genders& ages. We also provide other services such as personal training, corporate wellness, selling Sports Apparels etc.

Come and join us right now! We will guarantee the workout will be inspiring, exciting, fun, sweaty and aching will keep your body fit and well condition! NO PAIN NO GAIN!



  • To build spiritual, mental (distress, joyful heart, confidence etc.) & physical health (strength, flexibility, balance etc.)
  • To encourage exercise habit and healthy living
  • To slow down degeneration (loss of bone density, dementia, control diabetics etc.)
  • To help the needy in their lifestyle